Trench coats

I love trench coats. Trench coats are cool. Highlanders wear it. Mysterious heroes wear it. Gambit of the X-men wears it. Did I already tell you that Trench coats are cool?

Trench coats are cool. But I don't wear them.

Infact, I laugh at people who I see wearing it here in the Philippines . Sorry, I just can't help it. I believe these people wearing these trench coats also think they are cool the same way I do.

but I don't wear them.

It's hot here man. period. and Trenchcoats, the real deal ones, are hot as hell.

I was walking along Tomas Morato after my carinderia lunch kanina when I saw this dude from far away, wearing a black trench coat, over a white tee and blue jeans.

Then he pulled out this black ski mask.

Then black shades.

I was thinking, "Shit, I'm about to witness a restaurant robbery."

Then the dude wore a red helmet. Rode on a motorcycle, and then sped away. Turns out he was a delivery driver for Dimsum and Dumplings.

But what the hell, a black trench coat in this freaking summer weather?



Ladylullaby said...

Bloghoppin (:

hey, i love trench coats too but I don't own any. sad huh?

Anyways, freaky piece of information..I'm goin to the Philippines in like 2 days!! :D haha

Anonymous said...