Who's that Girl?

I was at Gateway Cubao ordering Dinner at Jumbo Japs with Jo when she told me that I had to look to my left to see this woman’s hairdo. When I looked at the suggested direction, lo and behold, a woman decided to bring her pet at the mall and put it in her head.

Seriously, it was an old woman with brown colored hair, fashioned in a 60’s majestic bob. She was wearing a fancy dress and red high heeled shoes to boot. She was with a mid 30s woman who seems to be her daughter. Either that or they just both go to the same hair salon, as her hair also had that brown tinge.

They were trying to find a place to eat, and were going to the direction of this steak house place were there was but only a multitude of people waiting in line. Apparently they wanted to eat there so off they go to the other side, totally avoiding the line and demanding an order to the service crew. This went on for a few minutes until somebody told them that if they wanted to order, well, see that line? That long line of people just beside them? They just have to join them and wait for your turn.

They seemed surprised by this. Which really was no surprise to me as the old woman basically was flaunting the look of the old rich. They were like fish out of water, so used to getting their way, and having a hard time when they have to follow the rules with the rest. I know its stereotypical (“yes, very stereotypical”) but hey, there they were in front of all the people to see.

Man, the word “stereotypical” reminds me of this After Image song. No pun intended, but I think it’s quite apt to the subject. It’s titled “Next in line” and it goes something like this (take it away bebeh!):

“So I sing this song to all of my age, for these are the questions we got to raise, for in this cycle that we call life, we are the ones who are next in line. We are next in line. Uh-ho, who-oh, we are next in line.”

Who am I kidding. The pun was intended.

I got to stop myself from singing the chorus.

I also told Jo that it just may be her way of making herself feel good with her age, dressing up like that.

And It also intrigued me why there were a lot of people lining up in that steak house place, so while waiting for our order, I went near and took a peek.

Their stakes were nothing fancy, the same size you’d see at any carinderia. But what was pulling all the people to that store dawned on me when I heard some sizzling sounds.

They served sizzling plates. And for how many years, for some reason I just could not comprehend; Filipinos are into sizzling plate meals when in the malls.

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