Last Tuesday, as I again was on a Welcome Rotonda-Project 2-3 jeep to work. I got to sit beside a Lola who had means of storing money that I haven’t seen in years.

At first she took out a pink handkerchief and daubed her face a bit off some EDSA grime. Then she put the hanky on her lap and started unraveling its fold. Lo and behold, her money was wrapped in her handkerchief.

The paper bills were neatly folded, and the coins were like ROTC cadets all in order. She paid a ten peso coin to the driver’s assistant and upon receiving, Lola insisted that they just give her two pesos, rather than the two pesos and fifty centavo change. “Ayaw ko ng mga bentsinko. Sa inyo na yan.” She said. “Okay lang sa amin yun Lola!” replied the driver’s assistant. Upon receiving the two peso change, she laid it along with her other pisos, beside the five peso and ten peso coins. She didn’t have any bentsinkos in her hanky. She neatly folded back her hanky and laid it gingerly in her lap.

Later she lifted her right thigh all of a sudden and crossed her legs. Her right foot was dangling, and sticking out invading the private zone of the person in front of her. She left her right sandal on the floor too. Sweet.


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herb said...

my teachers in highschool used to keep their hankies inside their bras. and whenever the time came when they needed to wipe their faces, they'd stick their hands in their undies and take the hankies out. funny.