My, my, my

My God, has it been THAT long?

Okay, okay. Things happened. Writing this, I get this certain sense of Dejavu. I was defending myself, writing on a stark white template that I didn’t create this blog just because of the blog fad. That I actually thought and planned hard for it, sweating every entry to get the most of my life’s commuting.

So here I am doing it.

A baby of mine long neglected. Let’s start with some small stuff shall we?

-I rode the red tricycle going back to the apartment yesterday after a trip to Shaw MRT station for some DVDs. The driver was young, late teens probably. I told him my place, and hopped inside. I noticed that there was no glass panel in the front window. I quickly brushed the kid off as a slow driver, as he dutifully waited the tricycle in front of us to make his turn and speed away when he could’ve actually made his own turn now that he already had me as a passenger.

After finally making his turn though, he suddenly pumps up the accelerator, making the motor roar like crazy and cutting the tricycle that was in front of him in the line, narrowly dashing between it and the tambays in the other side. Quickly reclaiming the stereotype of youth’s rashness, I wanted to confirm from him that a passenger has already flown out of the front window after an instance of him breaking, reason why there was no glass panel in his tricycle.


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