A young couple, with their daughter of around 4 to 5 years old were sitting with me behind the FX going to Saint James/C5. We were both going home at the end of the day. The kid was sleepy, resting her head on daddy’s big thigh. Daddy was complaining how the aircon wasn’t that cold, and that her baby couldn’t sleep properly. A very burly daddy, fussing over an aircon vent so his kid can sleep soundly. It was sweet, you should’ve seen it.

Around a few minutes, after crossing Congressional at Mindanao Avenue, the kid fidgeted and cried out: “ Daddy…”

“Ano yun anak?” Asked the Dad. Both him and mommy were concerned.

“Computer…” she replied.

The couple laughed at their daughter’s reply. They thought (hell, I thought) she wasn’t feeling well and needed something. Ventilation perhaps, as the aircon wasn’t helping.

“Sige, Computer kaagad tayo. Gusto mo bang makita friendster mo?”

“Games…” was what she said.

“Sige anak, games tayo pagdating na pagdating natin sa bahay.

Yup. The kid misses her playmate.


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